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Top Technology Solutions Every Airbnb Host Needs

So, what’s all the hype with “superhosts?” If you’re new to being a host or just looking for ways to up your game, stick around. Given the rise in travelers looking for unique experiences and quick getaways, platforms like Airbnb and VRBO have become popular for people looking to rent out their properties. Managing your property listing, however, can be challenging, especially as a new host. To help make your life easier, and your guest’s stay more enjoyable, read below for the top technology solutions we think you should consider.

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Direct Bookings:
Cut Out the Middleman

In order to maximize the return on your property, you should be aiming for as many direct bookings as possible. Online travel agencies (OTA) like are often the go-to for travelers looking to book their vacation, however, being booked directly allows you to avoid commission fees and retain full control of your property. You’ll be able to communicate directly with guests from the beginning of their search and have full control over how you build your brand as a host and acquire customers.

Property Management Software: Save Time, Cut Costs

Utilizing property management software can help you streamline rental operations by automating tasks like booking management, guest communication, and cleaning. Depending on the software you choose, you may also be able to track maintenance requests, tenant applications, online payments, and property promotions. This way, you’ll be able to control your tenant's experience fully remotely, ensuring they have quick access to you and any other resources they may need during their stay.

Smart Home Tech: Increase Accessibility on Both Ends

As a host, two of your main concerns will be ensuring your guest's safety and providing an efficient check-in and check-out process. Managing your property remotely has never been easier with smart home technology like smart locks, thermostats, noise monitors, and energy management systems. These convenient and secure features give you quick control of your property when needed, and can help you save money by monitoring your property’s energy usage to save on utility bills.

Channel Management & Advertising: Growing and Managing “Buzz”

Marketing and attracting customers to your property is the first step to making a sale, however, managing your listing(s) on multiple platforms can be time-consuming. Channel management tools like Guesty and Lodgify allow you to sync calendars, reservations, and property information across multiple booking sites. It saves time and helps prevent double bookings.

For a new host, learning about everything that goes into cultivating a positive guest experience might seem overwhelming. It requires attention to detail and adaptability to meet your tenant's needs. By investing in technology solutions, you can streamline your operations to make your life and the guest’s experience more enjoyable, and increase the odds for positive reviews.

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Happy hosting!