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Short-Term Rental Regulations: March 17

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Each week, we’ll be sharing the latest news on STR regulation from around the country to inform your search for the next best property. Here are this week’s highlights:


A Few Things to Keep an Eye on…

As with last week’s edition, we want to start off with areas that are passing new regulations to be aware of for compliance. This week, check out some areas in NJ, IN, and TX that you may want to consider as you look into investment opportunities.

  • Somers Point, NJ approves short-term rental regulations. A “hot-button issue” in the city of Somers Point concluded on March 9th when the city passed new regulations requiring 3-day stay minimums, mercantile licenses, but no limits on parking.
  • Big Bend, TX legislators file bills on the use of HOT taxes with implied short-term rental regulations. Bill SB1208 seeks to give counties and municipalities in rural West Texas the ability to use revenue from HOT taxes - paid by hotels and STR operators - to “plan, construct, and maintain” infrastructure projects. 

…And Increasing Pushback Against Regulation.

On the flip side, there is growing public opposition to short-term rental regulation that may open up new opportunities for investment. Citizens have stated that high income fees for municipalities and unclear regulations are preventing normal business operations. Check out below for more details in OH and AR with new debates on the intent of vacation rental ordinances.

  • Walnut Township, OH short-term rental owners file suit. Several Walnut Township short-term rental unit owners are suing the township after the trustees banned short-term rentals, or tourist homes, in residential areas. The property owners originally filed the suit in the Fairfield County Common Pleas Court. But the case will now be heard in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio Eastern Division
  • Little Rock, AR considering a bill to bar certain local regulations on short-term rentals. A House panel on Wednesday heard extended testimony on a bill that aims to limit local government restrictions on short-term rentals but postponed a vote to allow sponsors to file an amendment. Rep. Lanny Fite, R-Benton, the panel chairman, said the bill would likely reappear in committee for a vote on March 27.

Want More?

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