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Short-Term Rental Regulations: April 7

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Each week, we’ll be sharing the latest news on STR regulation from around the country to inform your search for the next best property. Here are this week’s highlights:

A Few Things to Keep an Eye on…

Short-term rental regulations has proven to be a highly contentious topic for municipalities and states around the country. Many governments are starting to take notice of the potential for financial gain in the STR market through occupancy taxes and permitting fees. Check out this week's updates from Missouri, Massachusetts, South Carolina, and Utah. Always make sure to look into compliance needs once you are up and running!

  • Airbnb taxes win voter approval across Kansas City, MO. The city has exercised minimal regulation even though more than 4,000 STRs have popped up over the past for years. The proposed legislation will subject STRs to a 7.5% tax and require owners to increase the occupancy fee from $1.50 to $3 per night.

But Wait! There’s Good News…

While many places have introduced potentially burdensome legislation, the debate is still fierce, and many communities are investing time into figuring out how to best engage with the market. Check out news from North Carolina, Nevada, and Texas and see what some places are doing in response to all the action.

  • Significant short-term rental restrictions are unlikely in Black Mountain, NC. Regulations of STRs within the town of Black Mountain air unlikely, following a March 29th special call meeting of the town council. The board convened to review options and data related to potential zoning restrictions and favored minimal requirements for short-term rental owners.
  • Clark County, NV amends short-term rental ordinance. Clark County voted Tuesday to amend upcoming STR regulations that a court previously ruled to be vague and unconstitutional. Some of the amendments include a requirement that applications be signed under penalty of perjury and inspectors will now have to provide a 48-hour notice and limit inspections to areas of the home used by tenants.
  • Airbnb rules are up for debate: What does that mean for Denton, TX? HB2665 would prohibit Denton and other localities from adopting any laws other than those requiring property owners of short-term rentals to register with the city, comply with basic city ordinances, such as those relating to parking and noise, and pay hotel occupancy taxes.

Want More?

Montana lawmakers consider legislation on short-term rentals. Philly considers whether to tighten or ease Airbnb regulations. Commissioners vote to not reinstate short-term rental moratorium. Florida: Eliminating HOME rule may limit local municipalities' control. Airbnb is alerting hosts of subpoenas from the city of Philadelphia - here’s what’s going on. Short-Term Rental registrations could begin in July; rules will be finalized after April 3 public hearing. Saugatuck, MI has created a short-term rental task force, but residents are wary. Gilford, New Hampshire voters show strong support for short-term rental regulation. Short-term rental bill rejected by house panel in Arkansas.

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