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Short-Term Rental Regulations: April 14

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Each week, we’ll be sharing the latest news on STR regulation from around the country to inform your search for the next best property. Here are this week’s highlights:

Latest Developments to Watch…

The regulation of short-term rentals has become a controversial issue among municipalities and states nationwide. It has caught the attention of several governing bodies, who recognize the potential financial benefits of the STR market through occupancy taxes and permitting fees. Here are some recent developments from Florida, New York, and Texas that will be helpful as you consider your own investment opportunities.

  • Indian Rocks Beach, Florida moves to regulate short-term rentals but uncertainty remains. New ordinance laid out a set of rules for short-term rental owners and occupants. The ordinance requires an additional vote at a later date. Under the proposed ordinance, the city would introduce an occupancy cap, an extensive paperwork and inspection process, and one parking spot per bedroom among other rules.
  • Village in Lewiston, New York adopts a new short-term rental fee structure. The Lewiston Board of Trustees passed a law codifying changes to its fee structure for STRs within its borders. The following rates were adopted: Initial building and fire inspections: $250, annual re-inspection: $100, and additional inspections for violations: $50.
  • Marfa, Texas Chamber leaders and locals urge City Council to regulate STRs, as some STR owners push back. The petition, presented on Tuesday by Chamber President Abby Boyd, called for Council members to introduce fair and effective regulations to slow to the proliferation of STRs in the city. The petition has 262 signers made up of current and former residents and a few visitors.

Hopeful Updates in Sight…

While many places have introduced potentially burdensome legislation, the debate is still fierce, and many communities are investing time into figuring out how to best engage with the market. As governments introduce legislation, STR supporters have pushed back causing for continued discussions even in places with established regulations. Check out news from Ohio, Missouri, and Florida, and see what some places are doing in response to all the action.

  • North Canton, Ohio discusses legalizing and regulating Airbnbs, Vrbos. The city is looking into legalizing and regulating STR sites like Airbnb and VRBO. The city has two choices: keep Airbnbs illegal and take enforcement action or change the zoning code to allow STRs with inspection, registration, and licensing programs.
  • Changes proposed for short-term rental properties in St. Louis, Missouri put on hold. A move to regulate STR properties in the city is put on hold, at least for now, by a planning board. Proposed changes would require operators to obtain a permit that would be renewed every year or a business license for non-owner-occupied STRs to be granted a permit.
  • Florida bill targeting short-term vacation rental rules advances but hears criticism. Supporters said the law would actually help cities regulate STR without over-regulating them. Under the language of the bills, local government could still apply certain restrictions to STRs as long as they are also applied to single-family homes that are not vacation rentals.

Want More?

County Commissioners in Colorado Rule on STR Ordinances. Plano, TX City Council Directs City Staff to Put Together Task Force on short-term rentals. Over Half of Short-Term Rentals Advertised in LA Don’t Comply With City’s Home-Sharing Ordinance. Summit County, Colorado Officials Weigh in on a Slew of Statewide Bills. Leavenworth, Washington Considers Capping Number of Bed-and-Breakfasts. City Concerned Over Bills Relaxing Regulations on Short-Term Rentals.

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